24 Karat Poodles

Montana's Premier Poodle Breeders and All Breed Show Handling

Welcome to 24 Karat Poodles of Montana. Home of high quality show and pet Standard, Mini and Toy Poodles. Expert Show Handling for all Breeds.

Here at 24 Karat Poodles we strive for excellence by conscientiously and ethically breeding for quality of type and temperament in our animals. Our goal is a typy elegant animal as true to our standard as humanly possible.

We have had a love affair with our canine companions for over 30 years. Sharing our lives and home with our dogs brings us peace, joy and many celebrations. We find that each new day is a learning experience of unbelievable magnitude with this breed called the Poodle. They are such sensitive animals, capable of knowing all our frailties; and they quickly move to fill our needs. A happy animal all the time and a serious contender in the show ring. We truly believe that from the moment they are born their goal is to melt into the family and become spiritually one with all there-in. Thank you for letting us share our love for Poodles with you. We are hoping you will open your life to this wonderful experience. Let the jubilation begin!

Don & Roberta Chowning